Content production ecosystem

At PAKT, we are proud to be an ecosystem of 9 production companies that work independently within their own geography or niche. Each company has its own expertise and clients. It’s when we bring our 8 companies together that the real magic happens.

By leveraging the combined expertise and resources of our entire ecosystem, we are able to tackle even the most ambitious projects and bring them to life in ways that would be impossible for a single company to achieve. In short: Our clients get to work with small, specialized teams, while at the same time having the resources and support of a big company.

At PAKT, we believe in the power of collaboration and synergy. Our clients get the best of both worlds; the flexibility and personal touch of small teams and the resources and support of a big company. Whether it’s high-end TV commercials, online retail content or social assets, we have the capability to deliver a wide range of services.

Meet the executive team

Maurice Wenneker
CEO Pakt

Maartje van Wijk
CEO Pakt

Marc Pijsel

Marc Pijsel
CFO Pakt

Lydia Gumbs
COO Pakt