“Bsmart wins for Prestigious Cannes Lion for Groundbreaking ‘Urban Miner’ Sustainability Campaign”

PAKT member Bsmart, a full-service production company passionately committed to creative production and unique storytelling, is thrilled to announce that it has participated in winning a prestigious Cannes Lion award for its work on the “Urban Miner” campaign, produced for Elkjøp and Minecraft.

This innovative campaign has been transformative, effectively engaging millions of young Minecraft players worldwide and fostering essential habits of recycling and sustainability. The initiative underscores our commitment to purpose-driven innovation and its expertise in harnessing creativity in film, photo, 3D, animation, and storytelling.

“We’re overjoyed at this recognition,” said Akram Janzi, CEO of Bsmart. “Working on the Urban Miner campaign was a unique opportunity for us to merge creativity and purpose. We are immensely grateful to our clients Nord DDB Stockholm, Nord DDB Oslo, Elkjøp Nordic, and Minecraft/Mojang for their trust in this vision and their unwavering support throughout this project.”

Bsmart’s creative team was instrumental in bringing the campaign to life in CGI and supervision. Their ability to dream big and deliver on those dreams was a key factor in the success of the initiative. The team is already eager to leverage the momentum from this success to fuel future purpose-driven innovations.