Scrambled has joined PAKT

The landscape of food and beverage content is set for a dynamic shift as Scrambled officially joins PAKT, a European growing ecosystem of production companies creating content at scale. Scrambled is the 9th company in the group, spanning across The Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden.

A unique aspect of this partnership is bringing together Scrambled and Nosh Foodfilms, two powerhouses with distinct approaches in food and beverage content creation. While Scrambled is recognized for its innovative digital content and high-calibre TV format productions, Nosh Foodfilms is renowned for its tabletop masterpieces and global digital-first multi-asset campaigns in the food and beverage sector.

With this collaboration, Nosh Foodfilms and Scrambled proudly position themselves as one of the world’s largest food and beverage-specialised creative production companies in the industry. 

With a focus on serving FMCGs, single brands, and agencies, like Nestlé, HelloFresh, McDonald’s, 24Kitchen and Dr. Oetker, they aim to consistently deliver top-tier, purposeful content tailored to their unique needs. By merging offices, studios, test kitchens, and post-production facilities, Scrambled and Nosh Foodfilms now operate seamlessly from a single, unified location.

Maurice Wenneker (Co-CEO PAKT): “While Scrambled and Nosh Foodfilms will continue to operate as individual labels within PAKT, their complementary ways of working and diverse international portfolios align perfectly to offer clients a more holistic and versatile approach.”

Taking the helm in this new phase of collaboration, Marjolein Kiestra from Scrambled takes on the role of Commercial Director, leading the charge in defining and implementing commercial strategies. Alongside her, Mady Angelino from Nosh Foodfilms will be steering the ship as Managing Director, overseeing operational and strategic aspects to ensure seamless integration and execution of projects. 

Marjolein Kiestra: “I am looking forward to this new journey! After years of working in the same market as NOSH, I can’t wait to blend our knowledge and passion to serve all our clients with our shared creativity. It’s not just a partnership; it’s also doing what we all love: creating delicious content and campaigns.”

Jordy van Meer (Nosh Foodfilms) and Inês Bernardo (Scrambled) stand as creative beacons in this collaboration. Both have carved a niche for themselves with their distinct yet synergistic creative visions. Their combined expertise and resources enables them to deliver unparalleled creative solutions, from ideation to execution, ensuring they remain at the forefront of food and beverage-centric content production.