Virtual production

PAKT offers Virtual production a filmmaking technique that combines traditional live-action filming with virtual elements to create a cohesive and immersive final product. It involves using advanced technology such as LED screens and real-time motion capture to capture live-action performances in a virtual environment.

In virtual production, filmmakers can create entire virtual worlds and environments that can be seamlessly integrated with live-action footage. This allows for a level of creative freedom and flexibility that was previously impossible, as filmmakers can now create complex visual effects and realistic backgrounds in real-time.

Virtual production is becoming increasingly popular in the film industry as it allows filmmakers to create stunning visuals while also saving time and reducing costs. By using virtual production, filmmakers can make changes to the virtual environment and adjust lighting and camera angles on the fly, saving significant time in post-production.

Overall, virtual production is a revolutionary technique that has the potential to transform the filmmaking industry by allowing filmmakers to create high-quality content more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before

Companies offering
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NOSH specializing in films and photograpy around food and beverage from tabletop magic to social content for any market in the world.

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