Volstok joins the Wenneker Group

Animation studio VOLSTOK in Ghent has joined the Wenneker Group. The group, consisting of six production companies for international advertising content, will acquire 100% of the shares. It is the second acquisition within Wenneker Group’s buy & build strategy since private equity firm Capital A came on board. With the entry of VOLSTOK, the group now has 80 employees, with offices and studios in the Netherlands and Belgium, and with a combined turnover of 17 million euros. Wenneker Group works for clients such as Philips, Essity and DMG.

The companies within Wenneker Group produce television commercials and online campaigns for international brands and leading advertising agencies. VOLSTOK is an animation studio specialized in high-quality 2D animation.

Wenneker Group facilitates its customers in a growing need for large modularly produced content campaigns that contain everything from television commercials to social content. With the arrival of VOLSTOK, Wenneker Group now also adds 2D animation and character design. Together with Wenneker.be they already worked together on large accounts, such as Hello Bank! and Boni Supermarket.

VOLSTOK’s founders Wouter Sel and Johanna Keppens sell 100% of their shares and take an interest in Wenneker Group.

The Wenneker.be and VOLSTOK brands will continue to exist. From a joint headquarters in Ghent, they will work closely together in a joint management team consisting of: Vanessa Jacob, managing partner, Christophe Baggerman, executive producer, Johanna Keppens, executive producer and Wouter Sel, creative director.

Maurice Wenneker, co-CEO Wenneker Group: “Wenneker Group firmly believes in quality. In the field of animation, the market has been flooded with quickly and cheaply made animation in recent years. We believe that animation made with love and artistic feeling creates much more engagement. Together, Wenneker.be & VOLSTOK offer the perfect mix of live action, animation and everything in between.”

Maartje van Wijk, co-CEO Wenneker Group, continues: “Wenneker Group is a group of production companies, each with its own expertise, geography or niche. Each company serves its own customers. The really large content campaigns are set up modularly and are cleverly distributed among the various companies. In this way, customers are helped by absolute specialists, without drowning in a jungle of small suppliers”.

Wouter Sel, Creative director and founder VOLSTOK: “VOLSTOK has been a fixture within the national and international animation landscape for years. Now it’s time for the next step. Within Wenneker Group we find the perfect place to further realize our ambitions”.

Wenneker Group will continue to grow rapidly in the coming period to further strengthen its position within the international content production world.