Wenneker Group expands to the Nordics

Stockholm/Amsterdam, December 20th – Bsmart has joined the Wenneker Group. It is the third acquisition within the ‘buy and  build’ strategy of the Wenneker Group. With the addition of Bsmart, the group now has 115 employees, with studios and offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Sweden and with a combined turnover of 23 million euros. Wenneker Group works for a wide range of clients including Philips, McDonald’s and Mojang (Minecraft). The group, which consists of seven production companies making international advertising content, has acquired 100% of the shares.

The companies within the Wenneker Group work together in producing modular content to create commercials, social and online retail content for international brands and leading advertising agencies. Bsmart is a specialist producer of advertising photography,  high-quality film production  combined with CGI (computer generated imaging) and 3D animation.

Maartje van Wijk, co-CEO of Wenneker Group: “We help our clients satisfy the growing demand for large modular produced content campaigns. With the addition of Bsmart we’re expanding into a category of content in and around gaming, building on our existing client portfolio of amazing names in food and fashion.”

Maurice Wenneker, co-CEO of Wenneker Group, continues: “After two acquisitions in the Netherlands and Belgium, Bsmart will be our platform to expand in the Nordics. We’re very excited to begin work with all these great Scandinavian brands and fully leverage the combined production power of the Wenneker Group”.

Tomas Lestrup (founder) and Akram Janzi (CEO): “Bsmart has been looking towards the international scene for some time and with the Wenneker Group, we’ve found the perfect fit to grow and expand our group in the Nordics. Now it’s time to take the next step and become a part of a bigger ecosystem.”

Tomas and Akram sell 100% of their shares. Akram will continue to work as CEO of Bsmart and become a partner in the Wenneker Group.

Wenneker Group will continue to grow rapidly in the near future to further strengthen its position within the international content production world.