Wenneker Group rebrands to PAKT

PAKT is the new name of the Wenneker Group. It’s a growing ecosystem of companies providing high quality film and photographic content for international brands and agencies. The new name was chosen because it perfectly expresses the cooperation and synergy within the group.

PAKT currently consists of 8 companies that, together, offer a vast range of creative content production. The disciplines range from large modular productions for online retail and commercials to high-end food content, from animation and post-production, to CGI, film and (product) photography.

 “Our strength lies in the fact that the companies serve their own customers but can work together for large content campaigns. This synergy really makes PAKT a unique production partner in Europe”, said Maurice Wenneker CEO PAKT.

“Firstly, the new name indicates the mutual synergy between the companies that belong to PAKT,” explains CEO Maartje van Wijk. “But it also gives direction to the group’s growth ambitions. The individual entities grow autonomously and through collaboration for the benefit of clients.” The group is also aiming, through a buy-and-build strategy, to strengthen its ecosystem with companies that will further complement PAKT’s offering.

The companies within PAKT are currently located in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden. PAKT’s focus is on delivering global content for international brands. And for the growth of the ecosystem, PAKT will be targeting companies located in Northern European countries.

Additional Information about PAKT

The PAKT companies currently employ 115 people. The joint annual turnover amounts to approximately 23 million euros. Maurice Wenneker and Maartje van Wijk are the CEOs of PAKT. Further information about PAKT and its associated companies can be found on our website https://www.pakt.co

If you have any questions, please contact Maurice Wenneker or Maartje van Wijk.

Maurice@pakt.co +31 617904170

Maartje@pakt.co +31 654208307